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Our story...

We love coffee, we love our skin and we love the environment...so we had an idea. Why not try and create the best body scrub in the world using 100% natural ingredients and upcycled coffee grinds.

The idea came to us as we were enjoying a coffee in one of Bern's most popular cafe's, Einstein Kaffee Haus. They kindly gave us some of their used coffee grinds to try out and we immediately began covering all of our friends and family in coffee, natural oils and organic scents. Eventually, we found the perfect blend to make the skin feel and smell amazing and so...Buff was born. 

We care strongly about what goes onto your skin and so Buff is made from completely organic ingredients. The coffee we use is Bio and Fairtrade and has been sourced by a leading Swiss coffee wholesaler. Find out more about our Coffee here.

In a city the size of Bern, around 4000 tonnes of coffee grounds are thrown in the trash every year? Buff Coffee scrub wants to help put some of this waste to better use and so we partnered up with Einstein Kaffe who also care deeply about the environment. We upcycle this perfectly good coffee so that rather than going to waste, it can help people to have healthy and great looking skin.

We hate Microbeads almost as much as we love coffee - you know, those tiny bits of plastic you find in thousands of branded exfoliants and skincare products currently available on the market. Microbeads are causing a huge problem for the environment when they are washed down the drain. Wastewater plants do not filter out such small bits of plastic and so these beads end up in our beautiful rivers, lakes, and oceans and because they look like fish food, quickly become ingested into the marine food chain. We think that coffee is a pretty awesome natural alternative to these horrible bits of plastic. 

It is not very often you get a chance to take a coffee into the shower, exfoliate, moisturize and help save the planet all at the same time.

So why not get naked, get wet, cover yourself in coffee and get Buff.