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We smell the weekend!

by Amy Derrington |

We are determined to make sure Buff Scrub not only makes your skin feel as smooth as a baby’s bum, but that it also leaves your skin smelling amazing too, (unlike a baby’s bum)!

You know that feeling when you have just got out of the shower and just can’t stop smelling your own skin. Someone always catches you sniffing your own arm and you pretend like you have an itch instead. That moment you almost sneeze and bring your hands to your face only to leave them there a little longer than normal just to inhale the fresh aroma on your palm or you notice someone on the tram taking a sly sniff as you walk past…this is what we want Buff Scrub to do.

The coffee we use is an amazing ingredient for so many reasons, the way it improves circulation, the anti-oxidants, fighting fat cells. It is the perfect consistency to give your skin a good scrub without any plastic balls in sight. However - coffee on its own…well it would leave you smelling of coffee and you would probably prefer to get a much nicer and fresher smell of coffee straight from your coffee cup.

Coffee has such a dominant smell and we quickly realised that this is why all the other coffee scrub brands we have ever seen, use synthetic fragrances to give their scrubs the desired scent. They label these as ‘Perfume’ but are effectively just artificially made scents that contain all kinds of chemical ingredients, easily strong enough to overpower the smell of coffee.

However, we are passionate and determined to keep Buff Scrub 100% natural and decided that we would keep synthetic fragrances well away from our bags and of course, your skin.  

So have been testing and testing and smelling and testing some more. We have tried hundreds of different essential oils and natural scents and we are confident we have finally found the perfect blend.

We now use a new brand of natural essential oils in our scrubs that are of the highest and purest quality. The methods that are used to extract, distil and certify these oils makes a huge difference to how they smell.

We have introduced the new oils into all of our current products and we have so many more coming out soon.

Why not give them a go and see if you can smell the difference?