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Why Coffee is not only great for drinking

by Amy Derrington |

Yes, so we all know that Coffee is the perfect drink to wake you up the morning. It gives you a boost in the office, tastes great with a slice of cake and can help you cure that hangover after a wild night out. But did you know that this antioxidant-packed revitalizing agent is also great for your skin. 

Coffee is naturally full of skin moisturizing oils as well as antioxidants that assist in keeping the body protected against free radicals molecules that are linked to cancer and over-all body break down, or as we know it...aging!

Rubbing coffee all over your skin (Buff scrub.. for example) will provide the antioxidant properties you need to help protect the skin, block collagen deterioration, and minimize wrinkles. Yes, that's right - not only does coffee protect, it also gives your skin a youthful boost. Coffee has natural anti-inflammatory elements that stimulate blood flow, promote circulation, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, scarring, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Sound good? 

Coffee also works wonders as a natural skin exfoliant. Coffee grounds naturally remove dead skin from the skin's surface, promoting healthy skin rejuvenation and soft youthful looking skin. An added bonus: coffee naturally smells rich and savory - so you can enjoy the fragrance of a fresh bio coffee while you sing in the shower. 


You learn something new everyday. Go and make a coffee :)